The management of Devalirian Engineering, S.L. establishes a management system policy and objectives that are updated annually according to the results and corporate strategy.

In Devalirian Engineering, S.L. we have a total commitment to meet the requirements of our activity pursuing excellence. We have followed this premise since our foundation and it will continue to be a maxim for all of us in the company. For this it is essential to train our team as highly competent professionals to obtain the confidence and satisfaction of our customers. Since our activity is 100% related to customer service, we have no doubt about the priority of this statement and at the same time we have no doubt about its success.

Regarding the relationship we maintain with our clients, in the provision of our services and in the delivery of the projects we implement, the commitment to quality and continuous improvement is present in all the processes that relate us to the client.

Devalirian Engineering, S.L. has implemented an information management and security system within the organization, whose main objective is to achieve the satisfaction expected by customers, through established processes based on a process of continuous improvement, ensuring the continuity of information systems, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring compliance with the objectives set to ensure at all times the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. To this end, Devalirian Engineering, S.L. assumes its commitment to quality and information security according to the ISO/IEC 27001 reference standard and establishing the following principles:

Ensure that customer requirements are determined and met with the objective of improving customer satisfaction.
To offer high availability services and protect all our information and that of our customers by complying with controls to protect against loss, manipulation or unauthorized disclosure.
To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, including the parties interested in the company’s results.
Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data managed by the company and the availability of information systems, both in the services offered to customers and in internal management, avoiding undue alterations in the information.
Ensure the capacity to respond to emergency situations, restoring the operation of critical services in the shortest possible time.
Establish the appropriate measures for the treatment of risks derived from the identification and evaluation of assets.
Comply with the requirements of the applicable legislation and regulations applicable to our activity, the commitments acquired with clients and interested parties, as well as all those internal rules to which the company is subject.
To propose and evaluate improvements in the internal organization and in our working methods.

The management of Devalirian Engineering, S.L. periodically reviews the management system to ensure its suitability, adequacy and continued effectiveness.

In this review, opportunities for improvement of the system and process control are evaluated, and needs for changes in the management system are detected.

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