Mechanical design

No hardware project is implemented without regarding to the enclosure, either plastic or metal, machined or injection. We offer you support to design the enclosure, especially in products subject to ATEX regulations

Consulting for EC Declaration of Conformity

If you do not have previous experience in writing the technical report that accompanies the EC Declaration of Conformity, this process can be very costly in time and money. In addition, products that must be certified by an external entity require the passing of compatibility and susceptibility tests that may have an impact on the design, even if it was initially taken into account. We have proven experience in passing[…]

Verification tools

We think that a project is not finished until its manufacture is guaranteed. For this reason, we offer the design and manufacture of the tools for the verification of the boards and the functionality of the whole product

Microprocessor programming

We can program totally or partially the microprocessors incorporated in the hardware. We work on the Linux operating system or without any operating system. In that case, we use our own cooperative multitasking methodology. We can also develop specific applications for microprocessor configuration and firmware update, over PC (Windows / Linux) or over Android-based Smart Phones

Printed circuit board design

The schematics and the enclosure of your product converge in the design of the printed circuit board. This process requires accumulated experience, since the limitations imposed by the electrical safety regulations must be considered, as well as the electromagnetic compatibility regulations

Schematic design

Your project begins by defining complete functionality, based on the design of hardware capable of fulfil requirements, while keeping costs under control. The schematic design is completed creating a well-defined BOM, with several alternatives for critical components and from which production costs can be calculated